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About Me

I began my academic career focusing on helping people through science and medicine. While pursuing my masters degree from Harvard Medical School, I found myself drawn to a completely different space: South-Asian fashion. Working as a fashion/style writer and illustrator for an online South-Asian clothing marketplace and helping customers design their dream outfits showed me how fashion - and allowing people to express themselves through clothing - can have a profound impact on customer's lives. After graduation, I took a job as a data scientist and started designing on the side. With the support of my family and friends Sithara blossomed from from just a name to a fashion label.

About the Label  

An embodiment of elegance, simplicity & versatility.

It's more than just an outfit - it's an opportunity to showcase your unique style. Sithara, translates to 'star' in multiple languages & we strive to encompass this bright aura in each of the pieces to help our clients continue shining.


Providing support, encouragement and empowerment to talented individuals is a key mission of our label - the premiere Gulaabi collection was sewn by local refugee women while the latest Maya collection is sewn by women from a small village in southern India. 

Though a fashion label, Sithara, at its core, is an outlet for collaboration, outreach and empowerment. Everyone tied to the label has their own story, talents, and style. Join us on this journey of preserving diversity while celebrating authenticity.

~ Be your own Sithara ~

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