Soulmate + Family + Blessings

Location: Austin, TX

Date: June 26, 2020

Photographer: My Uncle, Ravi Pothukuchy Photography

House Decor: Friends who became family

"Veer was never a man about change, yet he met a woman that changed him forever. This was Sriya. Though he knew he was a changed man and he knew how much she meant to him and how completely in love he was with her, he never expected what was to come next. They met, he was smitten, he proposed, and she said “Yes!”. What more did he have to learn about love?"

"Well, there he stood among the crowd during their engagement ceremony eagerly waiting for her arrival. He was ready. Ready to fall in love with her all over again."

"There he stood. And as he stood, so many emotions and feelings coursed through him, just like the blood coursing through his veins. He was surrounded by so many, yet he felt weird, alone, and as thin as air."

"And then, something magical happened. At last she had arrived. For a moment time stood still. And as he laid eyes on her walking down that stairway, Veer began to realize something that he was completely oblivious to."

"At that moment…he felt as if his past was angry with him, for not having her in his life for all those years. At that moment…he knew that his past was a lie, and all that is true was with her. At that moment he learned, that love…was just a word. It was her that gave that word its meaning."


June 3, 2019


Location: Central Park, NYC.

Photographer: My Friend, Vinuthna Garidipuri Photography

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