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collection premiered at South Asian New York Fashion Week 2023


saha - the collection

Sriya’s Sithara embodies the concept of shining a light on the uniqueness of one’s own identity, to preserve diversity while celebrating authenticity in the realm of South Asian fashion. Similarly, Shree’s approach to art has always been centered around magnifying the details of South Asian culture and showcasing the necessity of embracing the perfect imperfections of the human spirit.


The collaboration of these two artists and ventures truly showcases itself in the amalgamation of the collection. We choose to preserve and revive the stylistic intricacies and hand drawn beauty of block printing, a rich tradition that dates back to the Mughal era, and weave it into the modern era through a simple framework of comfortable designs, which showcase the timelessness of one’s own individuality and beauty.

" The coming together of different mediums - the hands and hearts of two craftspeople - into
wearable art pieces. "

the thread

Taking steps towards more sustainable fashion.

  • 100% cotton using eco-friendly dyes

  • Soft to the touch

  • Custom-printed on a brown and sandalwood base

  • 100% organic cotton labels for a natural, high-quality finish, designed to be soft to the touch

the kala

Composition showcases traditional block print in a modern format.

  • Mirroring effect showcasing the meaning of Sahā

  • Roses and lotuses as odes to continuity and source of creative energy

  • Subdued line work portrait representing how fashion is elevated by the elegance of human features

the drapery

A comfortable, effortless fit.

  • Silhouettes that are versatile in nature

  • Embedded accessories

  • Crafted by local artisans in Bangalore, India


meet ShreeDraws

Shree’s approach to her art has always involved accentuating intricacies, celebrating traditional and contemporary styles, and creating for a purpose. Her inspiration comes from the observations she made about her culture and travels during her childhood, which brought forth her interest in highlighting the ornate designs of Indian artwork and visualizing them through her own eyes. 

She is drawn to illustrating the timelessness of South Asian fashion by incorporating both culturally significant motifs and modern line-work to bring forth facets of expression. These often come together in a symphony of portraits, floral elements, and incorporating symmetry while upholding the innate beauty of imperfection. 

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