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I started this fashion label not only to express myself through design, but to create a platform for others to express themselves as well.

Create & embrace your own sense of beauty 

Let that beauty shine and radiate through your sense of style & fashion


A Sithara Wedding


     The aesthetics of my wedding were very important to me - I put an ample amount of time and effort into each and every detail. From creating vision boards of outfits, jewelry, looks and decor for each event to designing bridesmaids & groomsmen outfits, I poured my heart and soul into all. 

Bridesmaids Collection


I designed 20 unique outfits for each of my best friends to be worn on my wedding day. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we decided to hold an intimate ceremony and many of our loved ones were unable to attend. While we wait to reunite and see my beauties in the outfits, I couldn't wait to share the designs.



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